When lifestyle-changing becomes mandatory

Time To Change

If you are here, there is a chance that you are dissatisfied with your life. With your relationships, maybe lost in your career, or battling anxiety or depression, or stuck in your life and feel the "Groundhog Day" effect.

And despite many efforts to improve your life, every day still feels uninspired. What do you do then?

Most often, stressful events may trigger these changes:

Traumas like a health crisis, accident, near-death experiences, losses like the death of a loved one or a relationship endings, or even challenging experiences like unemployment, mounting debt, chronic diseases, and so on.

These shockwaves in life may let you question your choices, consider newer options to examine your preferences, and evaluate all aspects of your life.

The signs for a lifestyle change are in front of you:

  • Lack Of Joy

  • Lack Of Wonder

  • Days are predictable

  • I stuck in the same patterns like "Groundhog Day."

  • You have nothing to look forward to

  • Can't make choices because all of them seem unworthy

  • Chronic stress

  • Simple things become disasters; tasks like cleaning, shopping, or visiting or talking to others can feel like a considerable effort.

  • Have no will for self-care physically or mentally.

  • Stressful sarcasm when hearing or thinking of Planning change

  • Procrastinating enhancement steps to after certain milestones reached

  • Habitual disappointment

  • Everything and everyone is letting you down.

  • Even when you do your best to become outgoing and feel instant relief, you feel disappointed again.

  • seeing the weak points of other successful people and feeling that they may not deserve this

And a lot more ...

Now you thought: "that's me." It's time to change. But that doesn't mean, for example, you have to rush and quit your job immediately before planning, and doing this is gambling.

Once you've identified that change is needed, don't take action right away; take your time and journal your options, talk to close friends and get feedback, schedule time with your therapist, coach, or counselor to explore your choices.

Remember, a new job, more money, recent milestones change doesn't guarantee happiness. You may realize that changing what's around only will leave you with the same challenges without working on yourself.

People are experts in procrastinating their happiness, although they are sure that their time is limited and still procrastinate living.

"I will begin the new diet next year when I move to the new home."

"I will begin my fitness plan when I finish this workload."

"I will read when I have time."

I will go on a vacation with my kids when I connect more with my kids when...."

Live your life as it is now, with all its processes, highs, and lows, experiencing every emotion possible from fear to love, avoiding life and procrastinating happiness, and anchoring it with a milestone always fail.

Take a moment and ask yourself is, what if I Imagine myself 30 years from now telling myself, "thank god that 30 years ago I decided to ........"

Exploring new possibilities will never let you down. The more mindful, the more alive you are, the more you learn what you want, and knowing what you want is your first step to understand and change.

And besides The decision to change, practicing mindfulness, and deciding what aspects you need to change, comes the most important one of them "The slight daily progress in all aspects parallelly," And that is done at first by daily decreasing failure elements and increasing our progress step by step without putting the "extra pressure." And these life hacks can make a huge difference in your life, and you will see wonder and joy building up again rapidly.

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