The Healthy Lifestyle Approach.

What is Nutrition Series EP04: The Healthy Lifestyle Approach.

In the previous articles, we discussed EP01: Food is more than just fuel, EP02: Healthy Eating Pillars, and Ep03: Healthy Lifestyle vs. Diet. Now, we will discuss The Healthy Lifestyle Approach.

A healthy lifestyle is neve diet and exercising only; what besides diet and workouts needed to create a plan to enhance your overall healthy lifestyle? A lot of things are required to develop an integrated, healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle must integrate mindset, body balance, Knowledge in one holistic approach, and this is crucial to get the promised outcome.

Your mindset is the motive, and Knowledge will be the backbone that you can use in choosing what to do, and body balance will be a result of your choices.

1- Knowledge: You must understand health; what affects you? What are the real needs of your body? How to rate the data you acquire? What is essential and what is important, and what else is needed besides those? How do you choose between different approaches? And what suits you personally?

2- Mindset: It would be best if you worked for the holistic, integrated benefit. Do you do what you do for a specific motive, and what if this motive went away? prioritize your needs, understand the whole picture, and know your ultimate goal, the urge of consistency, avoid comparisons

3- Body balance: When you give all your body all its exact needs (Not more or less), from its - Macro & Micronutrients, - overall balanced exercising, - recovery through proper sleep and relaxation, - stress-free environment through mindfulness - goals prioritization, which will give you a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Here are some steps for a healthy lifestyle change:

1- Find a general step-by-step nutritional & fitness plan that gradually transforms your eating and exercising lifestyle. Here is a 30-days totally FREE Starter-Progragram you can start with.

2- Try to figure out the whole picture of nutrition and fitness and understand nutrition. Here is a material you can start with.

What is Nutrition Series

EP01: Food is more than just fuel,

EP02: Healthy Eating Pillars,

Ep03: Healthy Lifestyle vs. Diet,

EP04: The Healthy Lifestyle Approach. (You Already Reading it Now)

Fitness Article: The Big Picture of fitness

And here you can sign for:

- FREE Nutrition Crash Course

- FREE Fitness Crash Course

3- begin a routine to enhance your sleeping quality. As sleeping is almost 30% of your life, you have to ensure that you get the best quality possible of sleeping and remember that your physical and mental recovery is made with sleeping.

Begin with simple thongs like cutting all the screens at least 3 hours before sleep, and try using a blue light filter app or glasses if you have to.

Also, try using a relaxing or white noise track to help you before sleeping. And then escalate to take care of your mattress's quality and air quality.

4- Practice mindfulness in your daily routine, and One effective way to learn this is meditation.

5- Understand yourself, where your strength lies, and understand those areas you need to work on; how people think and the main thinking patterns will add a lot to understanding yourself and how you act.

One way to do this is to get to know an overview of Lifestyle changes techniques, general Psychology, social psychology, and philosophy.

You can take a look at this article:

One: When Lifestyle-changing becomes mandatory

Two: Evolution Of Psychology

Three: What to expect from Philosophy

And here, you can sign for a FREE Psychology Crash Course.

6- Be involved in productive or learning activities regularly. No matter how small it is, it goes a long way. and listen and relate to successful and creative with positive mindset people

7- Don't forget to exercise regularly. Here is a Youtube Channel you can subscribe to, it is working with Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle.

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