The Big Picture of Fitness

Updated: Jan 21

What is fitness?

In simple words, fitness refers to the body's ability to adapt to the demands of physical effort;

so it is all about the "demand"; thus, the physical effort needed for a Cyclist, for example, is far different from the fitness required for a gymnast; it is specific to the body's demands. Therefore increasing your fitness depends on your physical body needs and adapting to that demand.

So the needed movement carried by the body and require energy (physical activity) promotes metabolic fitness, which will increase your fitness.

Now you understand that fitness is not the same for all of us. For more than half a century, the Cardio-Respiratory Capacity (Aerobic Capacity) was the primary fitness goal; however, that is not very true now; it is just one dimension of fitness.

Now fitness experts know that fitness means more than a healthy heart; other things like Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition are also important.

Suppose you are thinking of any overall fitness plan. In that case, it's not about going out running daily only (Although this is very beneficial) but what I mean is you must understand your individual needs and status first; to develop the best for you.

How to begin?

Of course, as a beginner, you will always begin with the very light type of exercise as a (low intensity) approach to be safe and protect muscles, joints, and even your heart. But after that, you'll have to choose your path depending on what you need.

If you need to function well in life, you have to think about your status:

1- what type of work are you on now?

2- are you an athlete? What exact improvement do you need?

3- Do you need some extra strength to exert more force?

4- or more Power to exert the force in time?

5- or even muscle endurance for the ability to handle stress for an extended period?

6- or flexibility for the full range of motion?

7- Do you want all of these, and in which order?

8- in addition, are you doing that with a nutritional plan to adjust your body composition, support muscles, and replenish your body after the workout stress?

These questions are not the complete list of questions, of course, that's why sometimes taking time to know what you need is crucial, moreover exercising and testing your fitness will give you a clue about what you really need.

So to test yourself, do as follows:

At first, you will go for something with (low impact) approach exercises combined with Cardio-respiratory (aerobic) exercises and some dynamic flexibility moves to prepare your body for the next level.

Indeed, it's very recommended to begin with, especially since these types of exercise do not need much equipment or strictly go to the gym. It can be done anywhere, anytime, and for short periods, and again combining the workouts, whatever its type, with the proper nutrition is the essential part of the game.

Here is something you have to know: Exercise is stress, and this means that you have to recover and replenish your body and make sure of the proper intake of nutrition, or it will be a waste of time. You will be stressing your nervous system intensely, which will reverse the benefits of exercise.

*Here is a simple FREE Nutritional & Fitness Starter-Program you can try; it is also very easy for a beginner. It is suitable for anybody to try it for FREE and prepare himself for the next fitness level.

Fitness is one of the essential things in your life, and it will affect you sooner or later;

I can list hundreds of benefits of regular exercises. But, most probably, you know all of them, from the lowering risk of premature death to Preventing heart problems to regulating metabolization and improving body composition & enhancing Nervous system & mental health; it is crucial for your life.

What I want to say is that if you choose the right approach, your life will transform within a few years, of course, the benefit will appear from as low as three weeks of exercising but after that and day by day you will be amazed by doing things you may never thought you are capable of doing.

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