Healthy Lifestyle vs Diet

Updated: Feb 11

What is Nutrition Series EP03: Healthy Lifestyle vs. Diet.

In the previous articles, we discussed EP01: Food is more than just fuel,

and EP02: Healthy Eating Pillars. Now we want to understand a Healthy Lifestyle vs. Diet.

Healthy Lifestyle Changing is NOT a Diet

Millions of people are on a diet every year, thousands of Diet plans and Supplements promise you to lose fat and stay lean -- and still, most of them remain overweight or obese.

The trending debate " What is the difference between a diet and a lifestyle change" has been widespread lately.

The Differences:

While diets may temporarily help you lose weight, lifestyle change is the key to long-term weight maintenance and health.

In addition, diets focus on food intake Only, while lifestyle changes concentrate on other factors that make a difference, such as physical activity.

While diets often mean cutting out parts of your day to fit in preparation for particular meals etc., lifestyle changes become a natural part of your routine.

One of the most critical outcomes of a lifestyle change is that it has to be something you can implement on your own. Many diets rely on following someone else's model plan. However, this is a temporary fix as no one is the same, nor do we have the exact needs.

Sticking to someone else's plan for the long term is extremely difficult, mainly because your personal preferences and choices are not considered. Thus, the only person who knows your lifestyle, its limitations, and your preferences is you. Therefore, developing a healthy meal plan on your own is the most realistic approach to a lifestyle change.


Diet is perceived more as a temporary approach to changing what, how, and when you eat.

The goal of "Diet" is to achieve a specific outcome.

Once you reach the desired goal, you go back to your habits.

Although Diet is important as it provides a temporary, fast, and singular approach to a health issue, sometimes a quick invasive procedure is needed. still, Dieting Fails for Long-Term Weight Management and does not work in the long run

A lot of things you gain when you choose to eat the right food at the right time and in the right proportion

  • shedding those unwanted fats

  • reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

  • It Supports your growth and development.


On the other hand, a lifestyle change adapts healthy habits that promote long-term weight control and health.

Lifestyle change focuses more on what individuals can do to develop long-term commitment habits that impact their overall health.

Examples of lifestyle healthy Changes:

  • Regular exercise.

  • Practice mindfulness., One effective way to do this is meditation.

  • Adopt a daily routine and be consistent.

  • Avoid eating out regularly. Cook your food and control what you eat; it will be cheaper and healthier; cooking improves your cooking skills, enhances your learning skills, and help you with mindfulness practicing.

  • Listen to talks of creative, experienced people that inspire and motivate you.

  • Be involved in productive or learning activities regularly. No matter how small it is, it goes a long way.

  • Understand yourself. Know where your strength lies, and understand those areas you need to work on.

  • Understanding how people think and the main thinking patterns will add a lot to understanding yourself and how you act.

  • Make sure you relate with people with a positive mindset.

  • Stay away from procrastination.

  • Be grateful.

  • Do not forget to help those people that are in need.

Over the years, individuals who have changed their lifestyle achieved and maintained an excellent physical shape healthy weight. They have accomplished success in many other aspects of life in the long term.

The Plan: The conclusion: What can I do now:

So you begin with a general change in your routine at first,

Here is a 30-Days FREE Nutritional and Fitness online Program that you can start with as a sample: Free-Starter Nutritional & Fitness Plan

Then you will follow a General diet Plan for a while coupled with the needed changes in your lifestyle and slowly switch to a more tailored plan that can turn to be your sustained style, and BOOM, you now changed your lifestyle to something that is tailored to your needs.

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