Healthy Eating Pillars

What is Nutrition Series EP02: Healthy Eating Pillars.

We talked in the Previous article about EP01: Food is more than just fuel, and now we want to understand Healthy Eating Pillars. And other questions like:

What is Considered Healthy Eating? and What are healthy eating habits?

We need to know what we are looking for, to consider if this is healthy eating.

Healthy eating controls the balance of energy:

Healthy eating is what gives you sustainable energy. It helps Our body not to shut down some of its processes that we don’t need to save energy for other essential survival processes.

Foods that result in fluctuation of energy, or any diet that runs Without an adequate amount of energy, is not healthy eating; whether it gives you some short-term benefits or not, it can’t be considered healthy eating. Also, in the opposite case, if we consume too much energy, that may cause body resistance to some crucial hormones that will lead sooner or later to increase inflammation, a major cause of most diseases.

So one aspect of Good Nutrition is eating what is considered just suitable for your body, not too little and not very much, and making sure that the energy gained is sustainable and not fluctuating.

Healthy eating provides your body with all its needs:

a nutrient-dense food loaded with vitamins minerals is always the correct type of food; foods like sugary cookies are considered low nutrient density foods; they have a lot of calories and a low amount of nutrients.

Your body needs macronutrients in specific percentages that differ from

person to person, your body needs water content foods, high fibers foods

(except in some cases), phytochemicals and zoochemical, vitamins and


And these foods are what are conceded healthy or “good” foods.

Healthy Eating Effects:

Healthy eating is the type of food that will make you look, perform and feel better.

Everyone has his own goal. An athlete may focus on performance; an older person may need to live a healthier life,

Healthy eating must be outcome-based:

So the most critical question is, “how does it work for me?” if you think you are eating right and no outcome is there; therefore, this is not the “good nutrition for you, even if it works with Someone else.”

Healthy eating is what is working with your limiting factors:

Genetics (our blueprint) and epigenetics (factors that control how our genes are expressed) affect our response to nutrition.

Genes are not destiny. Epigenetic factors — such as nutrition, stress, or a

healthy environment, and although you might carry a gene, resulting in lousy processing and metabolism for food and may cause obesity, still, you can choose what to eat for dinner or when to exercise. Almost everyone can make even minimal daily choices that will keep them as healthy, fit, and vibrant as possible for their body.

Good nutrition is the holistic approach that delivers someone to a place he never thought he would accomplish.

But before you go, you must understand that Good nutrition or healthy eating must be coupled with other things that will affect how your body uses energy.

Exercise, Stress, Mindset, Sleep, environment, and more has a significant impact on how your body uses nutrients.

Next, in EP03 Healthy Lifestyle vs. Diet, we will discuss the difference between a healthy eating lifestyle and a diet.

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