Food Is More Than Just Fuel

Updated: Feb 7

What is Nutrition SeriesEP01: Food is more than fuel.

Do we eat for energy only? Food is much more than fuel; living organisms are not machines; they are incredibly complex, automated, dynamic, fully responsive & are integrated magical systems.

Of course, fueling our body is one of the main reasons for consuming food, but we eat for many other things than fueling our body with energy.

So one way to think about food is it the "energy" comes out from the chemical bonds used to create what we Call (ATP), which you may call "The Currency" of power in the body.

So, Can I Eat Whatever I want, If I am committed to my recommended calorie intake?

Just eating for energy and counting calories ONLY is not always a healthy choice. Food contains more than that. For example, Micronutrients like vitamins & minerals, which our body systems will break down if not consumed in proper doses, don't provide fuel directly. Still, they act as a catalyst in the body's operations.

Phytochemicals & Zoochemical "Substances produced in animals and plants" in proper amounts offer lots of benefits "like DNA Protection" other than providing direct energy to our bodies.

Other substances we consume, like fibers, can offer massive protection to the digestive system without being absorbed.

Water is a crucial substance; we cannot live without it; both "Fibers & Water" did not provide direct energy to the body.

Have you ever consumed more calories & got leaner; other times, you eat fewer calories than you think and gain weight?

According to the simple "food is fuel" rule, none of this should ever happen, But it happens all the time; why?

Because in machines, calculations of input and outputs are precise, but this is not the case in humans; we are dynamic, adaptable beings; And this adaptation is our body's response to diet as a survival mechanism implanted inside our body, which affects our metabolism and how the body benefits from its nutrients. That's why some people need nutritionists For active planning because changes constantly occur and require further advice.

Sure at first, as a beginner, you may not always need a nutritionist "except if you have certain medical conditions,"

but surely after the *general phase (which includes cutting unhealthy foods and introducing other healthy options), and if you aim to do something more tailored to your body, you may need one.

* A general plan must be intelligent and easy to follow, and it will cost you nothing. A better way is to understand your needs before even beginning one. In addition, understanding how to choose a better plan and differentiate between a bad and good diet can help you make the right decision. You can take a look at these two posts (Optional):

1- Rapid Weight Loss: The Dark Side

2- Big picture of Fitness

Here is a FREE Starter Nutritional Program that offers you the Basic knowledge in a step-by-step guide plus a Free full workout for 30 days to begin your transformational journey and towards a new healthy lifestyle; you can try it fully for free.

Again everybody is different, and we cannot calculate things like in machines because your body isn't even wholly human; trillions of microbial critters live in and on us, and they do much of our digestion. As every person has their own gut flora "microbiome,"

That microbiome is like a fingerprint; changing it with the consumption of foods changes our digestion processes, thus changing our body composition & leading to a change in our health status.

Food is even-in part- an (information), food and eating sends instructions that kick off a chemical chain letter. Each molecule that contributes to, Different foods send different signals Through the body, making hormones, triggering immune cells, switching genes on & off; every food in every culture acts differently and affects people differently;

Food changes communities and indeed has a significant effect on mental state directly with sending the signals or indirectly by affecting mental state through gatherings and exploring other cultures; Food can be your source of happiness or your source of misery, food changes us from the inside out, and it is not just a fuel.

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