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Serious Fat Loss Transformational Program

  • 180Days
  • 2Steps


Effective & Healthy Weight Management & Fat Loss Diet Plan Cost: Less than a dollar per day (179.99$) Level: Intermediate to Advanced Duration: 180 Days Prerequisite: The Starter-Program: So you have to finish this FREE Course First because we build on it; here is the Link: Who Will Benefit from this Program? - Men with Fat Percentage Range: 28% and more - Women With Fat Percentage Range: Up to 32% and more - Anyone Finishes the Starter Program and want to continue the Weight loss journey - Obese & Sedentary People - What we will do in this program: After the starter program: + In this first month, we will do Intermittent Fasting & Basic Workouts without losing muscle mass + In the second month, we will Increase Our Intake of clean food & work on increasing muscle mass with strength exercises + In The Third Month, we will Get back to normal with two days of intermittent fasting a week and eight free meals this month. + In the fourth month, we will get back to another type of intermittent fasting and Intermediate Strength/ Power and Agility exercises + In the Fifth Month, we will Carb Cycling with HIIT Exercises + In the Last Month, we will be back to a regular diet with Advanced Workouts and Free Days Plan. Feel Free to Ask Me On: Instagram: Omarzaki.oz Facebook: @Omarzaki.oz Quora: Omar-Zaki-45 Tiktok: @omarzaki.oz

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