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Living Integrally Becoming informed as a means of Liberation

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About Us

A Holistic Approach to Fulfilled Living

Out of the Carrousel is a dedication to the elevation of your being. Through an extensive collection of conscious resources, designed to help you navigate your innermost and outermost self with fluidity and ease, you will be enabled to own your life’s narrative. With the guide of countless studies in vast fields that include Psychology, Philosophy & Critical Thinking, Lifestyle, Nutrition & Fitness, and offerings from Online Courses and Coaching Programs, we aim to support you with the framework to integral living.

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What We Do

Crash Courses

Empower yourself with knowledge in quick, bite-sized lessons.

Self - Paced Programs

Think Differently, Get Fit & Eat Right with programs you can follow at your own pace.


Read through a digest of eye-opening, information-wealthy curated pieces.


Receive personalized and accessible coaching, each step of the way.


About The Founder

Get out of the carousel of ordinary to the life of uniqueness

Omar is a Psychologist, Elite Trainer, Wellness Expert, and Life Coach. Propelled to make a change, he has
entirely dedicated himself to learning, getting certified, and transforming people’s lives. He has
hands-on experience with many and firmly believes in the “internal” and the “external.”
accordion and harmonize with one another, which drove him to apply his developed
groundbreaking techniques for wholesome integrative living, inside and out.
Omar is devoted to transferring his approach into just a “regimen” to reach end goals but into a “Life.

“Out of the carousel is my attempt to raise awareness about an integrative lifestyle and help others to get out of the carousel of ordinary, to the life of uniqueness.” 

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